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Details of the shipment

On this page you can see all the information on the shipment. It is divided into sections with a heading explaining the subject (Status, Undelivered Goods, Cash on Delivery, etc). Click on these to go directly to the part of the page giving the information you want to see. DETAILS The first part, always available and without a heading, giving the basic information concerning the shipment. STATUS Always available, gives the progress status of the shipment at any stage of the transport cycle, giving the status of the goods at the time of monitoring. CASH ON DELIVERY This section is available if there is a cash on delivery payment for the shipment in question and gives all the information as well as the means of collection and payment. UNDELIVERED GOODS This section exists if the shipment is or has been undelivered: it gives the reasons for opening the process and, if completed, how the process was closed. If the shipment is still undelivered and the customer has a password it is possible to give Instructions to resolve it. NOTES Any special instructions concerning the collection and/or delivery of the goods such as closure periods, requested delivery dates, etc. P.O.D. (Proof Of Delivery) If the BRT P.O.D. has been stored in memory, it is possible to click on the button and see the image. DPD If the shipment was sent abroad using the DPT network it is possible to access the Track and Tracing services and view the Signature given on delivery. Only regular customers (with a password) can view a Signature if they have activated the special service by requesting it.



Cash on delivery

Undelivered goods




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